The FLEX project office organises annual FLEX user seminars and FLEX user workshops to inform scientific and non-scientific audiences and to jointly develop the German user concept.


Upcoming events

06.09.2024 FLEX user seminar

Werum Software & Systems' role in the FLEX mission


06.09.2024 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr

Richard Hofmeister (Werum Software & Systems) explains "Werum Software & Systems' role in the FLEX mission" final title TBA.


23.09.2024 Conference

Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing (RAQRS) 2024

l'Auditori Torrent

23.09.2024 - 27.09.2024

The 7th International Symposium "Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing", organized by the Global Change Unit of the University of Valencia, has "passive and active fluorescence" as one of its main topics.


07.10.2024 workshop

Terrestrial Carbon Community Assimilation System Study User Training


07.10.2024 - 08.10.2024

The Terrestrial Carbon Community Assimilation System Study (TCCAS) is organizing a user workshop at ESRIN in Frascati. Thomas Kaminski presented TCCAS in our user seminar on 07.06.24.


08.11.2024 FLEX user seminar

SIF as a predictor in data-driven simulations of carbon fluxes


08.11.2024 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr

Dr. Sophia Walther (MPI Jena) shows how SIF can be integrated into the modeling of carbon fluxes.


FLEX User Seminars Annual Overview

Date Speaker Topic Language
21.04.23 Matthias Drusch FLEX - ESA's photosynthesis mission: introduction, status and developments DE
05.05.23 Uwe Rascher The red glow of plants - understand & measure chlorophyll fluorescence DE
26.05.23 Alexander Damm Fluorescence for water systems research: examples for aquatic and terrestrial environments DE
29.09.23 Miguel Morata Dolz Reconstruction of the full SIF spectral profile using emulation EN
23.02.24 Marin Tudoroiu An overview of the FLEX Collaborative Platform EN
24.05.24 Sebastian Wieneke
Interpreting Sun-Induced chlorophyll Fluorescence under stress conditions EN
07.06.24 Thomas Kaminski
The Terrestrial Carbon Community Assimilation System


06.09.24 Richard Hofmeister
TBA - Werum's software systems role in the FLEX satellite mission DE
08.11.24 Sophia Walther
TBA - SIF in data-driven statistical estimates of terrestrial CO2 fluxes DE