31.01.2024 news

ESA has finally released new FLEX campaign datasets

ESA has finally made more campaign data and reports available: FLEXSense 2018, 2019 and PhotoProxy 2018

Image: Patrick Rademske

ESA has published new datasets for three campaigns covering activities in support of FLEX.

These are airborne and ground-based campaigns to support the development of new instruments and the calibration and validation of existing instruments. The aim is to simulate satellite-based instruments and develop new data applications. FLEXSense campaigns were carried out in 2018 and 2019 with a focus on technical support for airborne measurements during the FLEX Sentinel Tandem experiment. PhotoProxy, technical support for the photosynthetic proxy experiment, supported the development of the proposed Level 2D data products for FLEX in 2018.

Data are available via FTP server using a data access request and a DOI is provided. An overview of the data collected can be found in the campaign reports for FLEXSense 2018FLEXSense 2019 and PhotoProxy.