03.05.2024 news

EARSeL 2024 Valencia - a summary

From April 16-18, the 13th EARSeL Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop took place in Valencia. It was also about FLEX.

Photo: Juliane Bendig

In April, the 13th EARSeL Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop took place in Valencia (Spain). 270 scientists presented research results, many of them related to current hyperspectral satellite missions such as PRISMA, EnMAP, EMIT and DESIS, as well as future missions such as CHIME and FLEX.

Jose Moreno presented the motivation for the FLEX mission in his keynote speech. This was followed by two sessions on fluorescence with presentations: on the derivation of the whole SIF spectrum (Sergio Cogliati), new SIFretrieval methods (Jim Buffat), retrieval of fluorescence quantum efficiency (Adrian Moncholi-Estornell), downscaling of the fluorescence signal (Juliane Bendig, Bastian Siegmann), characterization of spatial heterogeneity of FLEX pixels (Nela Jantol), new measurement methods such as fluorescence measurement at night (Troy Magney), laser-based active fluorescence from UAV for environmental applications (Lammert Kooistra), fluorescence from water surfaces (Carolina Tenjo, Alexander Damm), for determining groundwater availability (David Herrera), monitoring the seasonal photosynthetic cycle (Zoe Pierrat) and the dynamics of photosynthesis under stress conditions (Uwe Rascher). In addition, three out of six talks by young scientists dealt with fluorescence in terms of deriving the SIF spectrum (Miguel Morata Dolz), early detection of plant stress (Sara Pescador-Dionisio) and deriving fluorescence quantum efficiency with radiative transfer models (Omar Regaieg). Further information is available in the detailed program.